Since the establishment of Khouzam Al-Huwaizi Recruitment Office in 1440 AH in Al-Manhal district in Saudi Arabia, we have been working with utmost accuracy and honesty in accordance with labor laws issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in Saudi Arabia with a license number (4011880)......

The Leasing Labor Service

Through Khouzam Al-Huwaizi Recruitment company, you can lease specialized domestic and professional workers of different nationalities for any period you want and at reasonable prices

The Individuals Services

Khozam Al-Huwaizi Recruitment company offers manpower in all professions and specialties of different nationalities trained, experienced and highlyqualified

The Business Services

We are continuously working to provide the human cadres and recruitment of the required labor for the Business sector of companies and institutions

The Mediation Service

Khouzam Al-Huwaizi Recruitment company provides the mediation service to the private and business sectors, including public institutions and private companies

Available States

Targeted Employment

Elderly Babysitter




Domestic Worker


House Keeper


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